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Jennifer Matthews

"Children from Audlem St. James primary school came to our church for a morning at the end of...


A young, enthusiastic and multi-talented cast pulled out all the stops at the opening performance...

Wynterley Brass band

A date for your Diary not to be missed.Winterley Brass band are in Concert at Audlem Methodist...

Ravens House Poster

100yrs since Raven House was a Hospital

History of Raven House, Adderley

At the outbreak of the First World War, the British Red Cross and the Order of St John of Jerusalem combined to form the Joint War Committee. As the Red Cross had secured buildings, equipment and staff, the organisation was able to set up temporary hospitals as soon as wounded men began to arrive from abroad.

The buildings varied widely, ranging from town halls and schools to large and small private houses, both in the country and in cities. The most suitable ones were established as auxiliary hospitals.

On 27th July 1915 Raven House Adderley opened as a Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital.
The house was part of the Corbet estate and the Squire, Sir Reginald lent it to the Red Cross for convalescing soldiers.

The house itself had 12 beds and two metal sheds in the garden contained another 6. One hundred and forty-eight soldiers passed through Raven House Auxiliary Hospital, all of them signing the Visitors Book. This book containing photographs of soldiers, staff, activities taking place, newspaper cuttings, cartoons by the soldiers and other articles of interest will be on display at a Garden Party on Saturday August 1st,
Discover what life was like for the patients and how the villagers of Adderley and Audlem helped injured soldiers to recuperate.

The Crompton Family moved to Raven House thirty years ago from Audlem where their family have grown up in happy surroundings. Fiona thought the 100yr anniversary of the home becoming a hospital was a fitting time to hold a garden Party with the proceeds to go to Leukaemia research and Audlem Methodist Church.

Do come and join us and explore the history and enjoy the garden Party activities. Everyone welcome