Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews

"Children from Audlem St. James primary school came to our church for a morning at the end of...


A young, enthusiastic and multi-talented cast pulled out all the stops at the opening performance...

Wynterley Brass band

A date for your Diary not to be missed.Winterley Brass band are in Concert at Audlem Methodist...

Harvest Festival

2014 Musical Announced

The Audlem Methodist Church Musical for 2014 has been announced. It is to be "Pharoah to Freedom."
This year's Producer will be Nancy-May Goodwin and Musical Director Naomi Newman.
Rehearsals start on Friday 1st November 7.30.-9pm.
We welcome anyone with a love of music, acting or dancing to join us. It is open to all in the village.

The accompanying photo is particularly relevant since Rev,d Philip Owens (a previous AMC minister) and his wife Pauline visited AMC recently and are pictured with the Crompton Family.

Pauline first suggested staging a Musical and the Crompton family, Fiona and John and now Naomi and Toby,have made a major contribution to it's success. Who knows, maybe Matilda will follow in their footsteps!