Audlem Methodist Church

A great HONK Evening

A young, enthusiastic and multi-talented cast pulled out all the stops at the opening performance of "Honk" at the Methodist Church last night.

Poor 'Ugly', the cygnet hatched by a family of ducks, is teased and tormented by the rest of the farmyard birds until the wily tom cat persuades him to come home with him. ("What are we having for dinner?" "I'm having you!")

Only Ida, Ugly's loving mother, cares enough to go looking for him, leaving the protesting Drake to look after the rest of the little ducklings. As Ugly escapes with the cat in pursuit he meets a gaggle of military geese, a pet chicken and his feline companion, a beautiful swan caught in fishing line and, finally, an extremely funny frog ("Who wants to snog a frog?"). But winter is approaching and Ugly is in danger of freezing.

An appreciative audience revelled in a well-acted, funny performance, filled with wonderful dancing and strong characters. The evening zipped by, ably supported by imaginative technical support and costumes. The choir tackled the eminently singable tunes with aplomb and ensured that the excellent lyrics were heard.

Everyone involved, whether on the stage or behind it, should feel very proud. If you haven't yet
booked to see it, go and get a ticket. You'll have a marvellous time!

And, in the end, (spoiler alert) Ida's tears thaw out her son and Ugly discovers that he has become a swan, the most beautiful bird on the lake.

Tickets can still be obtained from Julia Parton 01270 811761 or by emailing