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Winterley Brass Band

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Sound of Music

This week sees the performance of our annual musical production with the cast and chorus being...

Sound of Music

The hills around Audlem will soon be alive with 'The Sound of Music' as Audlem Methodist...

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Workshops

Audlem Methodist Church put on a morning of workshops on the theme of Remembrance for the year 6 class at Audlem St. James primary school. The morning comprised 5 biblical remembrance workshops including an explanation of the biblical foundation of commemoration and remembrance, a re-enactment of the Last Supper, thoughts on conflict resolution with reference to the Beatitudes and a creative activity.

This was followed by workshops on remembrance with reference to war. The children "became conscripts" were given ID cards and "walked through the trenches" before meeting an officer in his mess receiving a letter from his wife, and reading a war poem. They then experienced a projected montage of propaganda posters and photographs of war alongside a soundtrack of popular WW1 songs and spoken words. Following this they saw examples of and created their own wartime postcards.

The children then learned the numbers of people killed, injured or imprisoned (because they were conscientious objectors) during WW1.
Finally each child was given a poppy cross and gathered for an Act of Remembrance with the Last Post and reveille.

The script was written by Elizabeth Morris, a lay worker in the circuit but the sets, props, activity leaders and actors( helped out by circuit lay workers) were members of Audlem Methodist Church.

It was extremely well received by the children and staff from school so will hopefully be repeated next year.