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Winterley Brass Band

WINTERLEY METHODIST BRASS BAND Join us at Audlem Methodist Church at 7.30pm on ...

Sound of Music

This week sees the performance of our annual musical production with the cast and chorus being...

Sound of Music

The hills around Audlem will soon be alive with 'The Sound of Music' as Audlem Methodist...

2014 Treasure Hunt and Barbeque
2014 Treasure Hunt and Barbeque

Treasure Hunt and BBQ

The Treasure Hunt and BBQ on Saturday was very successful in spite of the cold weather which suddenly descended over Audlem.

Over one hundred people joined in the fun of the combined event and thanks to everyone's support over £600 was raised for our Church funds. A BIG thank you to everyone.

The Treasure Hunt, organised by Sheila and Andrew Swindale had clues from around Audlem Village and was won by Pat Winfield and Bernard Gribbin.

The Barbeque was hosted at Brickwall Farm by the Massey family and was a most enjoyable evening with the BBQ food cooked by Team Furber (see Photos).

Organiser Brenda Heathcock said " Thank you to everyone who was involved in the event, all who supported it, and special thanks to Sheila and Andrew Swindale, Gill and Michael Massey, and Janet and Richard Furber."