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Green Sheet – 20th June 2021

Cheshire South Circuit – Audlem Mission Area

(Minister: Rev Robin Fox. Tel: 01270 812820 email:
Newsletter for Audlem, Hankelow & Hatherton Methodist Churches
For the week commencing 20th June 2021

At Audlem Methodist Church – there will be a service in church each Sunday at11.30am. Robin leads this week's service

  • Next Sunday 27th June the service will be led by Pat Maidment
  • Numbers are limited to accommodate social distancing so booking a place is essential.
  • Please book your place by midday on Fridays
  • To book please contact Fran Hughes either by email to or phone 01270 812038.

Please note:
Masks are to be worn in the church at all times. Sanitisers will be used.
There will be no hymn singing.
After the service (duration approx 40mins) people must leave – no coffee/chat.
Social distancing maintained throughout.

At Hankelow there will be a service each Sunday at 10.30am
Numbers are limited to 20 so booking a place is essential

  • To book, contact either Val Morrey on 01270 811930 or Roger Millns on 07807 402348
  • Covid restrictions will apply

The zoom service will continues at 10.30am each Sunday until the end of June.
In July and August zoom services will continue on alternate weekends. Dates as follows;
4th and 18th July
1st, 15th and 29th August

Dear Friends

"Trigger warning". Those words often appear at the top of an article if the author is going to write about a particularly sensitive subject, or before a news report or maybe an episode of a soap opera or other drama if the following minutes are likely to contain scenes which some viewers might find upsetting. Of course, there's no need to revisit past traumas if there's no need to, and I am all for building healing and moving on, but sometimes in church life, it can be a word or sentence which can unwittingly act as a trigger – pews, cross, organ to name but 3. Consider moving or replacing any of those and the most unholy row may ensue. I'm sure you can also think of many other examples!

This Sunday's Gospel reading is of Jesus calming the storm. He's asleep in the boat as the storm rages. Away from church controversy, we have all been facing our own storms these past 16 months or so as we have sought to do our bit to control the pandemic. I know how it has been a tough time with a sense of isolation and loneliness, wondering if things will ever get better, having to cancel or at least severely curtail major celebrations, and even in some cases not being able to give a loved one the sort of funeral that might have been anticipated.

In all of this, have we stopped to see if we can hear the voice of Jesus again saying "Peace, be still"? That might be in the midst of the latest squabble in church, or something much deeper in our own lives. Either way, Jesus is still here, ready and waiting to calm the latest storm.
It may be that as far s the pandemic is concerned the worst of the storm may be over. Though only the worst, it is like a gale having passed with strong but less severe winds remaining. The return to "Normal" may be a little further away than we first thought, but please God, may it be on the horizon.
May the words of Jesus continue to be ours, "Peace, be still"
With love in Jesus

Belated Happy Birthday to Fran Hughes and Ann Garnet for their birthdays last week.

From Lin Nicholas
I have received 10 vouchers from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill at Nantwich offering £5 off when you spend £30 either in the store or online, valid until the 31st July 2021.
If you would like to have one, please telephone Lin, 01270 812400.

Escaping Minister
Did you know that Robin, aside from being a marathon runner is also an escapologist? Apparently he became interested in escapology while still a schoolboy. He appeared on a recent 'Game of Talents' show where he was shackled to a chair and given 30 seconds to escape before a rack of spikes came crashing down on him. Of course Robin did escape just in time.

There is an article available via Cheshire South Methodist Church website and you can read the full article here

It's certainly quite tense to watch and if you would like to see it you can view from ITV hub Game of Talents series 1 episode 7 which was first broadcast on 22 May.

Amusing items from Nantwich newsletter: Law'n'Order

Police say that whoever broke in last night and locked all their case files in a picnic basket have seriously hampered their investigations.

The man arrested for breaking into several local opticians' shops insists he's being framed.

Three local butchers' shops have been broken into in the past week. The only things taken were sausages, but the police say they were not linked.

A load of old Father Ted DVDs have been stolen. Police say they've nothing to go on, go on, go on.

When a local restaurant was robbed, items stolen include a load of small spoons, and that was just for starters.

Thieves broke into my utility room and stole everything except a bottle of fabric conditioner. I suppose that's some comfort.

Burglars broke into my downstairs bathroom but only took a set of scales. They were broken, so they won't get a weigh with it.

To the person who stole my glasses: I will locate you, I have contacts.
To whoever stole my new Nike trainers and Hi-Viz jacket: you can run but you can't hide!

The next newsletter will be Sunday 4 July. Please send any items for the newsletter to Janet Furber email: or telephone 01270 811598 by 5pm on Fridays.

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