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Green Sheet – 31st January 2021

Cheshire South Circuit – Audlem Mission Area

(Minister: Rev Robin Fox. Tel: 01270 812820 email:
Newsletter for Audlem, Hankelow & Hatherton Methodist Churches
For the week commencing 31st January 2021

Dear friends,

At the recent church council meeting, conducted over zoom, there was some time spent on various property matters (when isn't there?)

Although the building may be closed, this is a good time to get on with matters relating to property which need our attention, not least the new build. Our funding has been going well for this, but there is still more that needs to be raised before any work can start. So yes, this is a request for money. There were 2 suggestions which were put to and approved by the church council :-
1 A Pledge Scheme – People could pledge an amount of money per week or per month for a period of 1 or 2 years. The Church Treasurer would then be able to claim Gift Aid on that which would increase their gift by 25% at no extra cost to the giver.

2 If people were in a position to give an Interest Free Loan of any amount, this would be repaid within 5 years. If a person's situation changed and they needed the money sooner, it would be repaid straight away.

If you are able to help with either of the above, could you please contact either Nancy-May or Jane?

Unfortunately, I also have to report that we also need to start a considerable maintenance project on the whole building to restore it to being damp proof and waterproof, sadly 3 new leaks have been found in our much-loved Worship Area only this week.

Sorry that this feels to be a bit of a gloomy letter in rather gloomy times. The idea though is that we can have a fit for purpose building when things get better and we can return to something like "normal" (whatever that will look like).

With love in Jesus


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The 'Daily Hopeline' call 0800 804 8044
Archbishop Justin Welby answers your call with a short message followed by a choice of options:
Press 1 to listen to hymns we love with a series of short talks based on the well loved hymn.
Press 2 to listen to a different daily hymn.
Press 3 for the Prayers which are specific for the Coronavirus pandemic.
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If there are any items or notes you would like to be included in the next newsletter please either telephone Janet Furber on 01270 811598 or send by email to

This notice has apparently appeared in some churches in France;
It is possible that on entering this church, you may hear the call of God. On the other hand it is not likely that He will contact you by phone. Thank you for turning off your phone. If you would like to talk to God, come in, chose a quiet place and talk to Him.
If you would like to see Him, send Him a text while driving.

Taken from the Nantwich newsletter – some amusing items.

A little silver-haired lady asked her neighbour to come over and help her. "I have a killer jigsaw and can't figure out how to get started."
The neighbour went over and found the pieces spread all over the table. He asked, "What is it meant to be when it's finished?"
"According to the picture on the box, it's a rooster."
He studied the pieces and the box for a moment, then turned to her and said, "First of all, there's nothing we can do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a rooster." He took her hand and continued, "Secondly, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then..." (with a deep sigh) ... "Let's put all the cornflakes back in the box."

An 80-year-old lady was being interviewed about just having married for the 4th time. After general questions about her life, the interviewer asked what was her new husband's occupation. "He's a funeral director," she answered. He then asked her to talk a little about her previous husbands and what they did for a living. She replied proudly that in her 20s she had married a banker, in her 40s a circus ringmaster, in her 60s a preacher and now in her 80s a funeral director. The interviewer expressed interest in the diversity of their careers. She smiled and explained, "I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go."!

Not everything is locked down!
Some things that are not restricted are:

Sunrise, Fresh air, Family time, Friendship, Creativity, Prayers, Hobbies, Hopes, Dreams, Kindness, Learning, Conversation, Imagination, Sunsets, Hope. Cherish what you have.
Stay at home and make the most of your time.
May you be safe, May you be happy, May you be well. Amen

Just burned 2,000 calories. That's the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap.

A 92-year-old man having tea with his son in a café could hardly keep his eyes off a teenager at the next table, who wore his hair in spikes of bright green, yellow, red and blue. Finally the youngster said, "Have you never done anything a bit crazy?" The old gent smiled and replied, "I once got drunk and had my way with a peacock. I've been wondering if you could be my son."

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